Le Mont Blanc

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The official height, measured in 2013, is 4810.06 metres. The “Roof of Europe” is the third most popular natural site in the world and continues to attract millions of visitors and thousands of mountaineers.

The official height, measured in 2013, is 4810.06 metres.

The Mont Blanc, in the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif, is the tallest peak in the Alps and the highest summit in Western Europe, hence its epithet the “Roof of Europe”. The mountain sits astride the Franco-Italian border, south of Chamonix and northwest of Courmayeur.

8th August 1786: FIRST ASCENT by Michel Gabriel Paccard and Jacques Balmat. They started at 4am from a bivouac at the top of La Côte. At 6.23pm, they reach the top of Mont-Blanc. They leave the summit at 7pm and are back at their bivouac before midnight. It is generally agreed that this ascent marks the birth of mountaineering.

Mountaineers from all over the world dream of climbing Mont Blanc. This dream is very achievable as long as you don’t underestimate the apparently easy-looking slopes of this famous mountain. Climbing Mont Blanc is mountaineering, a high altitude ascent that requires physical fitness, technical skill, and careful preparation.
The best way to ensure you have only wonderful memories of your ascent is to climb with a mountain guide.

Le Mont Blanc

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