Chamonix Mont Blanc Hélicoptères : Vols panoramiques

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Dive into the heart of the majestic Mont-Blanc massif, flirt with the peaks, live for a moment the mountain in its pure state. CMBH takes you on a "panoramic" journey.

20 minutes flight : In less than the time it takes to describe it you will soar, like an eagle, to reach this mystical summit at 4810metres.

From there you will discover that Mont Blanc, the roof of Western Europe, is much more than just a remarkable geographical feature.

30 minutes flight : The circuit of Mont-Blanc. Your eyes will not suffice to register the sheer beauty of this area and words are inadequate to describe it fully.
"Too short !" say those with whom we share this magical half-hour.

A truly exceptional experience.

Depending on the configuration of the aircraft cabin which we operate, we are able to carry up to 6 passengers.
Charge to us to find the necessary number of customers to reach a full flight.

However, to do this, we need to know:
- The flight that you plan to do
- The moment you're available
- The telephone number by which we can reach you.

Therefore, we will make every effort to respond to your request.

Altitud inicial
Edad mínima
Fechas de apertura
Todo el año.

A reserva de buen tiempo.
Chamonix Mont Blanc Hélicoptères : Vols panoramiques
400 chemin de la Glacière
74400 Argentière

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