Paintball Mont-Blanc

en Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Pase de salud obligatorio.

Fancy a paintball party in Chamonix ? So here is the place !

Large wooded and secured landscaped area, easy to access at the exit of Chamonix direction to Argentière, on-site parking "les Tines".
Paintball is an activity involving several opposing teams. The players are equipped with a protective mask and a gun that fires balls filled with coloured paint.
Whether for a birthday, stag do or hen party, corporate excursion, on your own or in a group : come and have a go !
Loads of fun and thrills guaranteed !

Useful tip : If you are alone or in small groups, there's the possibility of joining a team !

Edad mínima
Tarifa única: a partir de 16 €.
Fechas de apertura
Todo el año.
Paintball Mont-Blanc
Route des Tines (300 m après le passage à niveau des Tines, à droite)
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

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