Balade des Sources de l'Arveyron

en Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

This is the last walks around Bois du Bouchet and the PIerre à Orthaz. A lovely wild setting beside the river Arveyron.

Leave the village by the chemin de la Source. You will see on the left a rock bearung the inscription "1825" (listed site) which is a reminder of the year when Mer de Glace advanced to its furthest point (site of the grotte d'Arveyron). Follow the right bank of the river through the forets of larch and spruce. At the EDF tramway station, avoid the path on your left which leads to le Chapeau bby Cote du Piget and keep going to your right as far as the rocky viewpoint. Here you can admire the Rocher des Mottets, the Gorges and the Sources de l'Arveyron, which flows out of the snout of the Mer de Glace.

Suggestions: It is possible to walk back to Chamonix via Pierre à Orthaz and the villages of Coverays, la Frasse and Les Mouilles (chemin des Cristalliers) or via Bois de la Bagna and Bois du Bouchet.

Nivel de dificultad
Fácil (fondo del valle)
Altitud inicial
Altitud máxima
Elevación positiva
Elevación negativa
Duración del trayecto
Acceso libre.
Fechas de apertura
Del 10/04 al 31/10.
Balade des Sources de l'Arveyron
Chemin de la Source
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

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