Club piou-piou - ESF de Chamonix

en Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

In the safety of the children's garden, your little ones will start their skiing adventure!

When your child joins Club Piou Piou their journey into skiing begins.

Your child will be introduced to Piou Piou, who is the talisman of the esf and has many friends including Blanchot (the white rabbit), Sifflote (the marmot), Garolou (the wolf) and Ourson (the bear).

Your child will enjoy learning with games and adventures based around Piou Piou and friends. By using these characters, our esf team can introduce your child to ski boots and skis whilst playing games, helping your child get used to the equipment without any stress. Your child will experience the most technical and modern equipment including mini-lifts, magic carpets, and treadmills alongside welcoming figurines of the characters to encourage learning.

Your child will benefit from secure supervision in the company of a qualified esf instructor who will provide your child with the technical advice and confidence to be able to ski, using professional teaching and fun games.

Edad mínima
Edad máxima
Fechas de apertura
Del 18/12/2021 al 23/04/2022, todos los dias.

A reserva de nieve suficiente.
Club piou-piou - ESF de Chamonix
Domaine des Planards
351, chemin du pied du grépon
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc