Elevage de Saint Bernard

en Les Houches

There are less than 500 short haired Saint Bernard in France. The dog breeding in Les Houches is the largest in the Alps.

These dogs were first of all raised as guard dogs. Then, in the 18th century, the Grand Saint Bernard monks raised them to be search and rescue dogs for lost travellers.

You will discover this noble breed of dog with Jean-Pierre and René Dumont through a guided visit of an hour.

Good to know! The Saint Bernard dog breeding takes care of your dog when you're on holidays. All breed accepted.

Altitud inicial
Adulto: 5,50 €
Niño: 3,80 €.
Fechas de apertura
Del 01/09 al 30/06
Horarios de apertura los lunes de 14 a 17:30. Los martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y sábado de 10 a 11:30 y de 14 a 17:30.
Cerrado los domingo.
Se cierra, excepcionalmente los días 1er de enero, lunes de Pascua, Ascension, lunes de Pentecostés, 1er de mayo, 8 de mayo, 1er de noviembre, 11 de noviembre y 25 de diciembre.
Elevage de Saint Bernard
223 chemin des Vorziers
74310 Les Houches